Meritocracy for the Airport Commission


To the Editor:

I was saddened by Christine Todd’s letter (March 8, “Leaving the Airport Commission”). I most certainly recognize and appreciate Christine’s hard work, accomplishments, and dedication to the Dukes County Commission, the Airport Commission, and the Island as a whole.

I must make it very clear that during the voting to appoint commissioners to the Airport Commission, I did not vote against anyone! I did vote for two people who, as a result of reviewing their résumés, listening to their presentations, and questioning them, appeared to me to be the ones who would contribute most to the Airport Commission going forward.

I am a great believer in meritocracy and constant improvement in all organizations. I could not overlook the relevant experience and accomplishments of two of the applicants. Thus, I voted for them. At the same time, I appreciate Christine’s participation in the work of both commissions.

In closing, let me add that if I had been an applicant for the Airport Commission and encountered both of the candidates for whom I voted, my vote would have been the same.

Bob Zeltzer