March 7, Irene Brendel Dworkin and Craig Kennedy, as Personal Representatives of the estate of Ronald Dworkin, a/k/a Ronald M. Dworkin, a/k/a Ronald Myles Dworkin and Irene Brendel Dworkin, Craig Kennedy and Hemmenway Trust Company LLC, as trustees of the Ronald M. Dworkin Testementary Trust, sold 17 Whiting Way to Stephen W. Kidder and Dennis R. Delaney, trustees of 17 Whiting Way Nominee Trust, for $1,372,549.02.


March 6, Rosemary J. Sereti sold 50 Pinehurst Rd. to Claire Bathelemy and Marcos Proti for $600,000.

March 8, South Village Associates LLC sold 11 Field Club Lane to Michael and Rebecca Hegarty for $1,050,000.

March 9, Sue C. Hill, a/k/a Susan C. Hill, sold 7 Briarwood Drive to Gabriel Ferreira De Almeida, trustee of 7 Briarwood Drive Realty Trust, for $640,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 6, Constance R. Teixeira, trustee of the Carolyn A. Jackson Trust, sold 4 Pacific Ave. to Andrea M. Jackson, trustee of the Andrea Marie Jackson Family Trust, for $389,500.


March 8, Woodland Center LLC sold Units 5 & 6, 455 State Rd. to Tip Tap LLC for $540,000.

March 9, Ann K. Nelson and Robert Marshall, trustees of The Ann K. Nelson Realty Trust, and Ann K. Nelson, individually, sold 44 Main St. to 44 Main Street LLC for $1,275,000.

West Tisbury

March 9, Amy Lima, f/k/a Amy Asadoorian, sold 44 Pin Oak Circle to Brian Patrick Hall and Elizabeth A. Reid for $525,000.