Forum: Beer and wine for Chilmark restaurants


To the Editor:

On April 24, at the annual town meeting, the voters in Chilmark will vote on Article 11, to allow the sale of beer and wine in restaurants.

As the owner of Chilmark Restaurant Group, LLC, which leases and operates Chilmark Tavern, I was the petitioner of the article, and I believe that voting yes on the article will have a positive impact on the Chilmark community.

I would like to welcome everyone in the Chilmark community to join me at Chilmark Tavern/Pathways Gathering Space on Monday, April 3, at 6:30 to discuss the upcoming article on the town meeting warrant. This will be an informal, open forum to outline the benefits of passing the article, as well as to hear the community’s questions and concerns regarding the upcoming vote. I cannot promise that I will have all the answers that evening, but I would like the opportunity to hear questions and concerns, and I will do everything that I can to get those answers and/or address the concerns for the voters of Chilmark prior to the town meeting on April 24.

For those who cannot attend the informational session on April 3, but still have questions, feel free to email

Jenna Petersiel