Support Article 44 in Oak Bluffs


To the Editor:

There are two plastic-bag bylaws up for a vote at our town meeting: Article 44 and Article 45. I am writing in support of Article 44, which has the goal of limiting and ultimately eliminating plastic bags in Oak Bluffs. Article 45 is the alternative proposed by businesses, but will not achieve this goal. Article 44 mirrors the laws in the other Island towns, allows for thicker reusable bags, and allows businesses to use up their existing stock in a reasonable time frame. This is fair and reasonable. There is a worldwide movement to work to eliminate plastic bags, for many good reasons. Plastic of any type, bags in particular, poses environmental and health risks. We in Oak Bluffs are very fortunate to live in a beautiful town with a healthy environment. Let’s be good stewards, and do what we can to keep it that way.

Article 44: fewer plastic bags
Article 45: same number of plastic bags

Gail O’Brien
Oak Bluffs