Offshore Ale is on the market

Phil and Colleen McAndrews will take their time finding the right buyer for the well-loved Oak Bluffs pub and brewery.

Phil McAndrews says he and his wife, Colleen, have put Offshore Ale Co. on the market. — Gavin Smith

With their fourth child beginning the search for an off-Island college, Phil and Colleen McAndrews are beginning a search of their own for a new owner of Offshore Ale Co.

The McAndrews have listed the popular craft brewery and restaurant, which they’ve owned for 12 years, for $4.2 million. The listing agent is Jon Hartzband of Martha’s Vineyard Island-wide Realty, a long-time bartender for the pub before he started selling real estate.

“My youngest is graduating from high school in 2018,” Mr. McAndrews told The Times. “All of our kids will be off-Island and none of them is interested in getting into the business or taking over.”

Offshore Ale is a year-round, seven day a week business, which makes it hard for the McAndrews to travel to see their children. They began to see that when Allison, their oldest girl, left the Island. With Sean about to graduate from Endicott College and Casey entering her sophomore year at Hamilton College, it became clear to them that a move was needed.

“We’re probably going to move off Island,” Mr. McAndrews said. “It’s been a great place to raise kids.”

They first broached selling the business in 2016, offering it to employees or to Vineyarders who might be interested. With no takers, they’re opening it up to a wider audience, Mr. McAndrews said. “It wasn’t a shocker to them,” he said.

Offshore Ale employs about 30 workers in the offseason and as many as 42 in the height of the tourist onslaught. “We’ve been lucky because we’re year round,” he said. The staff tends to stay loyal because they can still get hours in the offseason.

Even as they look for a new owner, the McAndrews continue to innovate. They’re adding 16-ounce cans and will begin distributing them. Four styles will be available.

The McAndrews aren’t in a hurry to sell. “We want to find and select a good person to take over,” Mr. McAndrews said. “We’re going to be here through the season with our staff. We’re not giving up on the place.”