Healy ousts Knabel in West Tisbury race

Barnett and Nierenberg win seats on the board of library trustees.

Constable Timothy Maley manned the voting machine on his last day in office. — Stacey Rupolo

West Tisbury voters chose a newcomer over an incumbent.

By a vote of 408-247, Kent Healy defeated incumbent Richard Knabel for a seat on the board of selectmen. Healy is a 33 year resident of the town.

In the other contested race on the ballot, Elaine Barnett received 356 votes to win a seat as a library trustee. Wendy Nierenberg also won a library trustee seat with 348 votes to Robert Hauck’s 269.

The election attracted 657 of the town’s 2,558 registered voters, a turnout of 26 percent.

Voters also approved two non-binding questions on the ballot — one that suggests a ban moped rentals on the Island and the other that seeks to set up an Island-wide housing bank.

In a vote of 569-50, voters approved a ban on moped rentals in a non-binding referendum.

A regional housing bank was approved in a vote of 457-148. The vote is non-binding, but organizers say if they get Island-wide support they will begin the process of finding ways to fund all types of housing on the island, including affordable and workforce apartments, was approved by voters. They were looking for voters to send a message to reaffirm a vote taken more than a decade ago.