Why change Owen Park?


To the Editor:

Tisbury residents, be aware: Plans are in the works to completely change Owen Park. It will be done in phases; the first phase you are being asked to approve at town meeting. The beautiful sloping lawn will be replaced with built-up areas called “overlooks,” plantings, new benches, a gathering area.

What is wrong with the way it is? Do the benches really need replacing? Why do levels need to be built to place new benches on? The view is beautiful now, and has been since the land was donated for a playground in 1921. How are children going to run down that hill when it’s chopped up into raised areas with “landscaping” and paths? Who is going to maintain all this?

The beauty of that park is its simplicity. Why do people move here thinking they need to redo everything? Maintaining town property is one thing, making Owen Park into something it shouldn’t be is another. Please, vote No on this plan!

Kathleen Tilton