Looking back at 100 days


To the editor:

I was thinking about some of the really “great” things Trump has done during his first 100 days in office.

He’s had more “so-called judges” rule that his executive orders are unconstitutional than Obama had in eight years.

He is on track to spend more on his Secret Service detail in his first year than Obama did in eight.

And what a slacker Obama was — he didn’t even play his first round of golf as president until April 29, 2009. As of April 16, Trump has been out there 19 times. And that’s only what we know about, as he and the White House lie about it, and have barred the free press from his golf courses.

How about that military? Being the big tough guy that he is, he has already bombed three different countries — four if you include Iraq, which is what he said to the Chinese premier.

All his special ops missions have been fantastic successes (except for the ones someone else messed up, which seems to be all of them).

He has sent a “very powerful” armada to Korea — or someplace? Not only that, he has mostly undone most of those “failed” policies and sissy diplomatic agreements that the U.S has been negotiating for the past 100 years. We are already back to being on the brink of nuclear war, and once again we are in a cold war with the Russians.

Let’s not even compare the number of ethics violations and nepotism to past administrations — now that’s really impressive. More than all the presidents in modern history combined. And he sure knows how to put taxpayer money into his pocket.

But seriously, who can argue that since the unemployment numbers are now real, he has not created sooo many jobs? It’s hard to criticize him for bringing the unemployment rate down from “about 30 percent — even higher” to the current 4.7 percent in under 100 days. That’s impressive …

And how he has changed the world — we now have “alternative facts” and fake news, which he can cite as a reason to bomb any country he wants, and Congress and the U.N. can just stuff it if they don’t like it. All those other “sissy” presidents had to ask Congress or get the cooperation of the rest of the civilized world, except for that time Bush invaded Iraq, of course, which, as we all know, was a resounding success.

Yes, America finally has a strong president, and he will continue to make us “great again” by bombing the rest of the world and getting rid of all those baaad regulations about clean water and air, and stupid laws making animals more important than people. Yes, for sure, we Americans are great again. Unless, of course, you are female, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, handicapped, LGBTQ, or poor, or anything other than an ignorant, angry old white man.

Don Keller

Vineyard Haven