Up-Island crash leads to charges


Updated 9/15

On April 22, around 10:30 pm, Chilmark police responded to a call about a bloodied man who couldn’t feel his legs, sitting beside Middle Road near the Yard Studio.

According to the police report, Officer William Fielder found Kevin Boreri, 54, sitting on the side of Middle Road, bleeding from lacerations to his face, hands, and arms. Officer Fielder noticed a strong smell of alcohol from Mr. Boreri. After questioning, Mr. Boreri admitted he had been drinking and involved in a crash on Middle Road in West Tisbury, but that a woman named “Rachel” was the driver.

West Tisbury and Aquinnah police found his 2000 GMC Yukon 20 feet into the trees and down an embankment near Henry Hough Road where it intersects Middle Road, but in West Tisbury, with a fallen tree on the hood. Inside the car, police found wine and beer bottles, along with several Fireball nip bottles, one in the center console. Officer Fielder reported that while he was speaking with Mr. Boreri, a welt appeared on Mr. Boreri’s left shoulder, crossing diagonally across his chest, “a typical injury caused by a seatbelt if Boreri had been operating the vehicle,” the report states. Mr. Boreri was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and treated for lacerations and “significant damage to his chest and ribs.”

Police planned to charge Mr. Boreri with operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, and a marked lanes violation.

Editor’s note: Mr. Boreri was never charged with OUI. Court records show at a magistrate’s hearing, no probable cause was found for that charge. On Aug. 11, a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle was continued without a finding for one year. A charge of leaving the scene of property damage and was found not responsible for a marked lanes violation.