Non-binding moped ban wins strong support in Chilmark

More people showed up for town meeting than the town election in Chilmark. — Stacey Rupolo

There were no contested races in the Chilmark town election Wednesday, so all eyes were on the outcome of two nonbinding ballot questions. By a vote of 135-9, voters overwhelmingly approved of a moped ban on the Island. The measure has gotten similar support in other communities that have already held elections. Voters also showed strong support for a regional housing bank, with a vote of 105-40.

Not surprisingly, more voters showed up for town meeting Monday than voted in Wednesday’s townwide vote. There were 276 voters at town meeting to consider some hotly contested articles, including whether to allow restaurants to serve beer and wine, while only 147 cast ballots in the election.

Several positions, including fence viewer, and surveyor of wood, lumber & bark, were decided by write-in votes. Keith Emin, the town’s tree warden, received the most tallies for those posts.