Rosewater Wine & Spirits opens in Edgartown

Julia Celeste, partner in Rosewater Wine & Spirits, just prior to opening. — Geoff Currier

On May 5, Rosewater Market on South Summer Street in Edgartown opened Rosewater Wine & Spirits on 65 Main Street in Edgartown, in the space formerly occupied by Port Supply. The shop will be operated by Julia Celeste, a partner in Rosewater, and general manager Zak Tarka. “The shop will be a natural extension of Rosewater Market,” said Ms. Celeste; “it will have a similar look and feel.”

Sam Decker, general manager and sommelier at Atria in Edgartown, will be helping to curate the wine selections. “We’re fortunate to connect with Sam,” said Ms. Celeste, “He’s found some fun new producers, wines that pair beautifully with food.”

In addition to a broad selection of wines, spirits and beer, Rosewater will also be selling a variety of products. “We’ll be offering things like soft coolers, canvas bags, and beach blankets, all kinds of accessories that can accompany drinking,” said Ms. Celeste.