Legislation looks to commit state to climate change agreement

State Representative Dylan Fernandes at the State House on May 16. He hopes to commit Massachusetts to the Paris Agreement on climate change. —Courtesy Office of Rep. Dylan Fernandes

State Representative Dylan Fernandes aims to commit Massachusetts to the standards of the Paris Agreement, an agreement within the U.N. Convention on Climate Change that deals with greenhouse gas emission mitigation.

Phil Duffy, executive director of the Woods Hole Research Center, joined Rep. Fernandes at the Statehouse on May 16 in support of the legislation, which would establish the commonwealth as a non-state actor in the Paris Agreement, regularly reporting on its progress in reducing emissions, according to a press release from the Woods Hole Research Center.

“The greatest threat to our local coastal communities is rising sea levels and climate change brought on by global warming,” Mr. Fernandes said. “This bill affirms that a small group of climate deniers in Washington do not speak on behalf of the residents of our district and the people of the commonwealth.”

The Woods Hole Research Center has been ranked the No. 1 think tank in the world for climate change research for the past three years.

“Whether or not the U.S. formally withdraws from the Paris Agreement, the Trump Administration has clearly signaled that it plans to halt, if not to actually reverse, federal actions to address climate change,” Mr. Duffy said. “Massachusetts has a long history of leadership on environmental issues. Now is a moment to continue that leadership. Let’s make a statement that the people of Massachusetts support strong action to stop climate change.”