May 22, Joan C. Benz sold 11 Shady Oak Lane to Sasha Robinson-White and Elizabeth Rothwell for $615,000.

May 22, Thomas J. Silberstein and Elizabeth Newman sold 5 Beach Plum Meadows to Elisabeth Wallace, trustee of Cicada XVII Realty Trust, for $3,400,000.

May 22, Andreanna Bettencourt, Rebecca Ellen Day, and Phillip Lee Day sold 9 Ambers Way to Kevin Peters, Sr. for $319,000.

May 23, Katama Beach LLC sold 28 West St. to Maya Lakshmi Harris and Derek Anthony West for $3,639,000.

May 24, Tina A. Muoio and Laurie E. Pecora, trustees of the Peter Cicale Irrevocable Trust and the Annette Cicale Irrevocable Trust, sold 26 Pulpit Lane to Karl Glum for $1,565,000.

May 26, Kyle B. Carson sold his interest in 12 Enos Ave. to Ed Miano for $500.

May 26, Clifford M. Jernegan, individually and as Personal Representative of the estate of Marilyn A. Jernegan, and Vernon M. Jernegan and Vera-Jean Clements, individually, sold 8 Jernegan Ave. to Ubaldo C. Miller a/k/a Christopher Miller for $485,000.


Oak Bluffs

May 23, Gail E. De Bettencourt, a/k/a Gail E. Debettencourt, sold 4 Combra Way to Dennis and Yvette Hammond for $570,000.

May 25, Charles W. Philbrick and Andrea Hennigan sold 2 Upper Douglas Lane to Mario and Nicole Spindola for $424,000.

May 25, Lesley W. Heidt, f/k/a Lesley S. Westervelt, and Christopher J. Heidt sold 1 Concord Ave. to Sail Martha’s Vineyard Inc for $700,000.

May 25, Edward P. and Michelle M. Gannon sold 11 Checama Path to Jonathan M. Gopen for $840,000.



May 22, Arnoldo C. Hax, trustee of ANH Vineyard Realty Trust, sold 442 Bigelow Rd. and Yacht Club Rd. to Victor B. and Margaret F. Baga, trustees of the Baga Family Realty Trust, for $1,950,000.

May 25, Denise Shapiro and Martin Nager sold 57 Old Oklahoma Rd. to 57 Old Oklahoma LLC for $920,000.

May 26, Sarah J. Laine, n/k/a Sarah Laine Spooner, and David W. Spooner sold 83 Lake St. to Nebojso Stojkovic and Sanja Petrovic-Stojkovic for $580,000.


West Tisbury

May 25, Arthur A. Spengler, Jr. sold 72 Stone Bridge Rd. to Nathan E. Baxter for $850,000.

May 25, Stanley Schonbrun sold 48 Oak Knoll Rd. to Michael P. Valenti and Emilee Katherine Valenti for $635,000.