The Only Road Worth Taking

(For the Graduates)


There is only one last road less travelled

A road that only you can take

The road that helps the world unravel

“It’s your own,” make no mistake!

Every other road you see today

May turn left or right

You can look and walk away

You know to do for you, what’s right

You need not follow all the old

You need not even listen

It’s your heart that will find your gold

Let the road unwind and glisten

Search beyond the ordinary

Build a road for you to use

You are the builder of your life

A life that only you can choose

Build that road with new beginnings

Follow a path that you believe

Enjoy it all with all your winnings

Winnings that freedom and choice achieve

The only road worth taking

Lies before you now

It’s your world with all its makings

Live it, build it, and take a bow …

As a young man, Philip A. Zentz worked summers on Martha’s Vineyard, commercial fishing out of Menemsha and building stone walls. A retired carpenter, cabinetmaker, and schoolteacher, he now lives in East Bridgewater, but often visits relatives here.