Buoys late for work

Menemsha Beach swim line buoys originally slated for installation on June 15 lean along the wharf in front of the harbormaster's shack awaiting their concrete moorings. — Rich Saltzberg

Chilmark selectmen learned Tuesday night that buoys that mark the swimming area off Menemsha Beach were not afloat.

Selectman Jim Malkin, the board’s harbor liaison, said the buoys are rigged and that moorings for the buoys should be ready in two days. Harbormaster Dennis Jason plans to install the buoys on Friday or Monday, he said.

Selectman Warren Doty pointed out that the town aimed to deploy the buoys by June 15. “Today is June 20th, and we don’t even have all the stuff,” he said.

“I’m waiting for the moorings from Goodale’s,” Mr. Jason said.

Mr. Doty was skeptical of the delay. “How did we ever plan to do it by June 15th if we didn’t have the equipment?” he said.

Mr. Jason said the wrong floats were ordered and needed to be returned. He said he now has the right floats.

“Most places will try to get ready for the season by Memorial Day, and we’re not even making it by the first day of summer. It’s just a constant concern of mine that we’re behind,” Mr. Doty said. He asked if the buoys will be in by Friday.

“Provided Goodale doesn’t hold me up on the moorings,” Mr. Jason said.

“We have people using the beach every day with no swim line,” Mr. Doty said.

He also said sailboat races were 10 days off, suggesting the buoys were an important delineation between swimmers and racers.

Mr. Malkin called for improvisation with cement blocks if the mooring order was late.