Free speech should be welcomed


To the Editor:

With all respect, concerning the letter printed June 22 by Assistant School Superintendent Richie Smith (“The children are watching”): Mr. Smith wrote, and I quote, “Public forums, social media, parking lots, and playing fields are rarely appropriate venues to voice frustrations.”

Excuse me, Mr. Smith, do you own a dictionary?

All of the above are public forums, and are the arenas of free speech. All of the above are free spaces to voice frustrations and opinions. I fear for our Island children if you who are our assistant superintendent do not understand that you are an advocate for education. You could be opening up the minds of our children to free and expressive thought. Or you could be, as it sounds like to me, smothering our children’s voice and opinion.

Children are not ignorant, and understand more than you are giving them credit for, Mr. Smith.

Do not fear public opinion.

Joan Shea
Vineyard Haven