Oak Bluffs Water District institutes quarterly billing


Oak Bluffs Water District customers will get their bills on a quarterly basis starting in January 2018.

“Bills will be issued in January, April, July, and October and the Ready to Service Charge (RSC) will be divided into four equal payments, while the usage portion of the bill will remain based on actual water used per quarter,” Tim McLean, water district treasurer, said in a press release.

“Our rate structure is designed to accommodate low-usage customers as well as utilizing an increasing block rate to encourage water conservation.”

“The reasons behind the changes are many; however, the single most important one is to make the amount due twice per year into more manageable quarterly amounts,” Water District board chairman Michael deBettencourt said. Mr. deBettencourt said it is not practical at present to bill monthly, but it may be done in the future for larger accounts.

“The Water District will also be able to address nonworking meters, leaks, and all usage issues in a more efficient and timely manner,” Water District superintendent Kevin Johnson said. Mr. Johnson encouraged customers to call his office at 508-693-5527 with questions or concerns.