Bridge results


At the July 10, 1:15 pm game of the Edgartown Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven, 15 tables were in play. Finishing in first place in the North-South direction were Rachel Alpert and Deirdre Ling, followed by Rhonda Cohen and Eric Stricoff in second, Warren Morse and Gail Farrish in third, Don Nelson and Lou Winkelman in fourth, Barbara Silk and Dave Donald in fifth, and Sandy and Michael Lindheimer in sixth. In the East-West direction, Louise Marx and Jerri Grannis finished first, followed by Diana Dozier and Gerry Averill in second, Sari Lipkin and Carol Whitmarsh in third, Carol Butler and Jim Kaplan in fourth, Sharon Pearson and Margaret Hanneman in fifth, and Ann Brown and Audrey Egger in sixth.

At the July 11, 7 pm game of Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven, nine tables were in play for a club championship. Finishing in first place overall were Rachel Alpert and Barbara McLagen, followed by Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen in second place overall, and John O’Keefe and Andy Jacknain in third overall. Tied for fourth overall were Art Spielvogel, playing with Colleen Morris, and Michael Lindheimer, playing with Story Osborne. Also finishing in their section were Richard Williams and Gerry Averill, followed by Audrey Egger and Jim Kaplan, and Barbara Besse and Sandy Lindheimer.

At the July 13, 7 pm game of the Island Bridge Club, eight tables were in play. In the North-South direction, Story Osborne and Barbara Besse finished in first place, followed by Bea Phear and Cecily Greenaway in second, and Lou Winkelman and his partner in third. In the East-West direction, Rachel Alpert and Barbara McLagen finished first, followed by Bev and Tony Keats in second, and Margaret Hanneman and Sharon Pearson in third place.