An essential piece of the Menemsha experience


To the Editor:

This letter was originally sent to Chilmark selectmen.

I would like to have attended the July 25, 2017, selectmen’s meeting, but due to a doctor’s appointment I could not. I apologize, but submit this letter for your consideration.

In regards to Harbormaster Jason’s proposal to close the Little Beach at Crab Corner, permanent closure is not a solution. I am a parent and, like all of you, want to keep our children safe. Permanent closure may be the easiest solution to a sensitive area, but it is not reasonable. Safeguards can be put in place so that the area can continue to be utilized for generations to come.

When the town voted to replace the solid wood transient dock with floats just a few years ago, we questioned if the corner would be affected. We were assured that it would not, and would remain as is. We expressed then that this area has been enjoyed by many families with small children (and grandchildren) for decades, including your own. It is an essential piece of a Menemsha experience.

Back in 2013, at a selectmen’s meeting, we had a very similar discussion about the corner in reference to the new transient float dock being installed. We were assured then that the area would remain open and a number of safeguards put into place. If you recall, we were told “nothing would change,” and all breathed a sigh of relief. Proposing to restrict access to some of the simple pleasures in life, especially for our youngest community members and visitors, truly is, simply put, sad.


Katie Carroll