Above and beyond call of duty


To the Editor:

On Tuesday July 25, in the evening, my wife and I and her sister and brother-in-law were driving on an Edgartown road when my automobile suffered a tire blowout. I immediately telephoned 911 and asked the emergency responder to send a police car to the site to direct me to a local service station where I could receive roadside assistance. Sgt. Joel DeRoche and Officer William Bishop of the Edgartown Police Department arrived within 10 minutes. Instead of transporting me to a service station, they immediately offered to change the flat tire themselves, and proceeded over the next 15 minutes to do so. They explained that not only would local service stations be closed at that hour, but they would be pleased to assume the task of changing the tire. They did so, and we quickly departed to our home in Vineyard Haven.

The assistance of these two distinguished officers was above and beyond the call of duty. They were obviously under no obligation to replace the tire. This is an excellent example of dedication and service to the public. I believe it most appropriate, therefore, to make a financial contribution to the Edgartown Police Association in recognition of their service.

A personal thank you to these two dedicated officers.


Kenneth Feinberg

Vineyard Haven