Car, and vacation, fixed


To the Editor:

We rent a house in Edgartown for a month every summer. This year, at the beginning of our second week, our car started making a strange, loud noise. We needed a mechanic. My wife looked in the Martha’s Vineyard magazine, in the “Best of the Vineyard” section, and found Courtesy Motors in Vineyard Haven. I called and talked to Larry Conroy, the owner and chief mechanic, who, after I described the noise to him, told me to bring the car in that very morning.

With some trepidation — I had never heard that noise before, and it was loud — I drove the length of the Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road to his garage. Larry attended to my car in about two minutes, and diagnosed the problem in about two seconds: The power steering fluid level was very low, due to a leak in one of the lines. He could fix it, he said, but needed to order the part, so I should come back on Thursday morning for the repair, and then he gave me two quarts of power steering fluid so I could keep the well filled over the next few days and still use the car.

I brought the car in Thursday morning, Larry worked on it first thing, fixed it, and we now have our car back — good as new — for the rest of our month here. Through all of this — on the phone, in person, in every interaction — Larry (and his son Jesse) were so knowledgeable, so kind, so generous with their time, so helpful — just so nice — that I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him publicly and to say that I understand why Larry’s repair shop is called Courtesy Motors and why he is, in my opinion, the best of the Vineyard. Thank you, Larry and Jesse, for fixing both our car and our vacation.


Robert Alter