Museum films this week’s demolition for documentary

The MV Museum began demolition of the Old Marine Hospital for its new location on Wednesday afternoon. — Lily Cowper

The MV Museum began demolition today of part of the old Marine Hospital off of Lagoon Pond Road, tearing down the brick building addition in the back, a structure built in 1935. A member of the museum board, Denny Wortman, said demolition of the building should be completed by the beginning of next week. Construction on the new facility will begin mid-September of this year.

Though the demolition was loud right next to the site, the street below was relatively quiet, which contradicts previous concerns had about the effect of noise on the surrounding neighborhood.

Today at the site, Mr. Wortman controlled a drone which filmed the demolition of the building, and had also set up two time-lapse cameras to record the work. The museum board plans on making a film of the demolition and reconstruction of the building to screen inside the museum.