Vineyard visitors launch petition to censure president

Jules Bernstein, pictured, and Michael Cooper launched an online petition aimed at censuring President Donald Trump. — Stacey Rupolo

Two men on the Island for the summer have initiated a petition drive that’s already garnered some attention.

Jules Bernstein and Michael Cooper started a drive asking Congress to censure President Donald Trump, Mr. Bernstein told The Times. As of Wednesday, the online petition was 438 signatures shy of its 15,000 goal, according to the website.

The petition, which was launched July 27, ticks off some of the issues the two men have with President Trump, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey, disclosing classified information to Russian representatives, and knowingly “making false statements,” among other things.

Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Cooper plan to present the petition to every member of of Congress for “appropriate action,” according to a press release. The release points out that President Andrew Jackson was censured in 1834 for his refusal to turn over documents.