West Tisbury: An hour for hamburgers


The Fair ends tonight, and from all reports it was the biggest and best ever, despite heavy rain on Friday. There certainly was plenty of traffic backed up for miles heading in and out of town, and the parking lot was filled. Mike told me there was an hour wait for hamburgers at the busiest times.

Monday it all started to come down. The firemen will clean their booth and take it apart to store for next year. I will have my husband back.

It’s been a quiet week at our house since Talley died. Nanuk has been depressed and anxious, missing Talley, trying to figure out what her place is now that she is the only dog. Nelson has been terrible, biting and scratching, bringing live mice into the house. “Acting out” it’s called when kids do it. Mike and I are carrying on. Our household certainly feels changed. Smaller.

Now we are waiting for the eclipse.

Here’s what’s happening at the library this week:

Saturday, August 26, 10 am to noon, build rockets on the porch and  make them fly. At 3:30 pm come to watch a movie about a high school band leader who transformed a ragtag jazz band into a funk powerhouse that took the nation by storm. Dave Kish will lead a discussion after the movie.

Sunday, August 27, 6 pm, a Book Release Party for three Island authors: Jennifer Tseng, “The Passion of Woo and Isolde,” Sarah Waldman, “Feeding a Family,” and Susie Middleton, “Simple Green Suppers.”

Monday, August 28, 11:30 am, Kanta Lipsky’s Balance Workshop.

Wednesday, August 30, 2 pm, Matt Hayden will lead a Natural Wood Workshop for kids ages 10 and up. Sign-up is required. Tools, wood, and supplies will all be provided.

Hard to believe it will be September in another week. The weather will gradually cool. Crowds will begin to thin. We will be able to take time to enjoy those golden days, to finally go to the beach or go fishing or paint our outside trim, maybe even sit on the porch and read a book, play hookey after a busy summer. It will still feel crowded, but compared to July and August things will definitely begin to slow down.

I went to see Chris Hayes at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore last week. It was amazing to hear him speak about his new book, “A Colony in a Nation,” and to have him among us answering our questions. I have been a huge Chris Hayes fan since his first show on MSNBC. It was called “Up,” and was an in-depth policy discussion with a knowledgeable panel every Saturday and Sunday morning.

I bought his book, a fortuitous purchase as I woke up with a sore throat and a cold this morning and plan to spend the day on my sofa reading and napping. At the moment, Nelson is sleeping quietly beside me and Nanuk is right here on the floor. I hope to work up the energy to walk up the driveway for the newspaper, maybe even get dressed and go shopping for a chicken to make soup. For now, I’m enjoying my animals being close, and the prospect of a quiet day at home.