Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions: August 14 – 18, 2017



Aug. 14, John H. Bernson and Sheila Miller Bernson sold a Quansoo Beach lot to Mark K. and Julie H. Jones for $290,000.

Aug. 16, Orland E. Donald sold 38 North Slope Lane to Tara N. Reynolds, Ellen Reynolds, Owen G. Willis and Gary Reynolds for $634,000.


Aug. 14, Edward A.and Brenda A. Evans, trustees of the Evans Family Trust, sold an undivided 50% interest each in 11 Pease’s Point Rd. to John and Lisa Knopf, trustees of the John Knopf Revocable Trust, and 50% interest to Lisa S. Knopf and John Knopf, trustees of the Lisa S. Knopf Revocable Trust for $2,600,000.

Aug. 14, John L. Knopf and Lisa A. Sultzman-Knopf sold 6 Proprietors Rd. to Arch Building & Home Development LLC for $760,000.

Aug. 15, Helen Nitkin, Personal Representative of the estate of Bradley Nitkin, sold 3 17th St. South to Colette Kurelja for $31,500.

Aug. 15, Shirley H. Wray sold 20 Cooke St. to Wayne A. Razzaboni and Tracey Razzaboni for $1,850,000.

Aug. 16, Brian M. Hall and Benjamin L. Hall, trustees of Courtway Trust, sold 76 Weeks Lane to John L. Kelly, 3rd and Jennifer A. Kelly for $203,000.

Aug. 18, Cooke Street Realty LLC sold 16 Huckleberry Hill Lane to Nicole and Christine Mercier for $275,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 16, Chase A. and Ashley N. Freeman sold 32 New York Ave. to 32 New York Avenue LLC for $621,000.

Aug. 18, James M. and Thomas H. Peterson sold 13 Hubbard Lane to George Domizio for $1,080,000.


Aug. 15, Theodore S. Jick, trustee of Noah’s Ark Realty Trust, sold 13 Reynolds Lane to SeeSevenSeas LLC for $820,000.

Aug. 16, Gregory Joannidi and Claire F. Joannidi, trustees of the Joannidi Family Nominee Trust, sold 59 Weaver Lane to Philp S. and Carolyn W. Wallis for $851,000.

Aug. 16, Richard T. Roth, trustee of 144 Hagen Road Realty Trust, sold 26 Hines Point to Lucy L. Thomson for $1,235,000.

Aug. 17, CM LLC sold 184 Winyah Lane to Douglas Palmer Burke for $580,000.

West Tisbury

Aug. 17, Beach Pebble LLC sold 30 Beach Pebble Rd. to 30 Beach Pebble Road LLC for $5,600,000.