Edgartown: Grateful to the hospital


I have spent much of this week hanging out at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital with my mother-in-law, Esther “Mimi” Casey, who has been having a little trouble with her heart of late. She’s doing very well, and we hope to get her sprung before this column goes to print. That said, I have to say how lucky we are to have such a great hospital. From the moment we walked into the ER through the care we’ve experienced as I write this, the staff has been nothing but attentive, kind, caring, funny, and professional. The hospital is clean and bright. The view of the roof garden out Mimi’s window is lovely, and Mimi and the rest of us have felt safe and secure entrusting her care to the staff here. We are eternally grateful.

Big, world-class congratulations go out to Jen Passafiume, owner of J2Sports Performance, this week, as she made one of her dreams come true. Many of you know Jen from her years teaching swimming at Bend in the Road or the YMCA, or from her years teaching at the Edgartown and Chilmark schools. Well, a couple of years ago this brave woman gave up teaching to become a personal trainer and world-class athlete. This week she traveled to Penticton, B.C., and competed in the Aquabike World Championships. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a dual event combining swimming and biking. Jen secured her position on the U.S. team several months ago, and I’m happy to share the wonderful and exciting news that she did fantastic, placing seventh in the world in this event. She’s on a flight home as I type, so next time you see her biking, swimming, teaching, or training, make sure you give her a big congratulations, for her success in the competition and for her bravery in giving up her original teaching career to follow her dreams. I’m so impressed by her and so proud to call her my friend. She will continue to be an inspiration to her swim students, fellow athletes, friends, and family as she keeps setting new goals for herself.

Martha’s Vineyard Mediation is offering a free workshop, Family Property Disputes, at the Edgartown Public Library on Sept. 12, from 6 pm until 8 pm. Disputes among family members involving family property, estates, trusts, and businesses can be challenging. When a patriarch or matriarch gives up control or has died, the adult children are often left with uncertainty, or worse, contrary beliefs about their rightful role. Disputes surface that are usually less about ill will than about conflicting feelings, misunderstandings of intent, conflicting expectations, resistance to change or unspoken fears. The public is invited to join M.V. Mediation and their panel guests, John “Jack” Wofford and Martin V. Tomassian Jr., as they discuss these conflicts and how mediation can help.

Please join the Edgartown Federated Church congregation following the 9:30 church service on Sunday, Sept. 3, as they officially welcome their new settled minister, the Reverend David G. Berube, pastor, and his wife Ellen. The reception will be held at the Mayhew Parsonage, 75 South Water St., in Edgartown beginning at 10:30 am, following the 9:30 am church service. All are welcome.

In other Federated Church news, beginning on Sunday, Sept. 10, they will no longer have two services; they will offer only one service, at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. Please join them to hear the Rev. David Berube and the music of the Federated Church Choir under the direction of Peter R. Boak. For more information call 508-627-4421 or email admin@federatedchurchmv.org.

Since I’ve been a little out of touch this week, I don’t have a lot of birthdays to celebrate. Happy belated birthday wishes go out to Joseph Serpa on August 24, Emma Searle on her Sweet 16 on August 25, and Bob Fynbo on August 28. I hope you all had happy days.

As you read this, I will already be joining my fellow teachers back in our respective schools as we head into the new school year. The summers seem to go faster each year. As always, I’m having my jitters and odd dreams. Keep in mind as you’re out and about that kids start back next Tuesday, Sept. 5. Be on the lookout for high school kids early in the morning, and then elementary kids waiting for buses, walking, or biking to school a little later. Then they will all be out and heading home in the afternoons. Drive carefully and remember to slow down in those school zones.

That’s it for news this week. Short and sweet. I hope you all have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Just a few more days and we all get to take a big deep breath and declare we made it. However, I will admit, as much as I do enjoy fall, I will be holding onto summer with all my might, after school and on weekends. I will embrace the fragrances and flavors of apple and pumpkin spice no sooner than late October.