‘The people’s paper’


To the Editor:

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks and gratitude to The MV Times staff, writer Barry Stringfellow, and photographer Stacey Rupolo for covering the story of the artistic addition of signage to mark the history and culture of Oak Bluffs’ Inkwell Beach (August 2, “Oak Bluffs artist commemorates Inkwell Beach”). Mr. Stringfellow’s wonderful storytelling and Ms. Rupolo’s excellent accompanying photographs combined to tell this story with a journalistic excellence and cultural sensitivity that surpassed any expectations. The story was told with gravitas, historical background, and humor that allowed all of The Times readers to recognize the cultural and historic significance of this event, with a good chuckle as well. Its front-and-center placement let the readers know that this was a story worthy of their note. Many folks from Aquinnah to Edgartown and visitors from near and far have commented to me every day since it was published, voicing their thanks and support not only for the sign initiative but the way The MV Times transmitted it to the people.

For this, the community and I thank you. You are “Martha’s Vineyard’s people’s paper.” Thanks and appreciation once again to the Oak Bluffs Polar Bears, Oak Bluffs Park and Recreation Commission, and the town of Oak Bluffs for making this dream a reality for all those who love “the Inkwell,” O.B., and Martha’s Vineyard.


Michael Johnson
, artist

Oak Bluffs