Your music, my noise


To the Editor:

I have never understood why some people feel the need to impose their music on the rest of us. Whether it’s a man (yes, the primary offenders are male) driving in traffic in a convertible, radio blasting; a motorcyclist with the volume set loud enough so he can hear the music over the vroom, vroom, vroom of his bike; or a teenager in a public place “sharing” the latest rap video on his iPhone: Noise offenders are oblivious to everything outside of themselves.

Consideration for others was something parents used to teach their children. With each successive generation, manners have been downgraded to an elective from a required course.

Public spaces are shared spaces. Do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home. But please understand that your music is nothing but intrusive noise to the rest of us.


Caroline Baum

West Tisbury