Appreciative of town’s quick response


To the Editor:

I want to thank selectman Larry Gomez, and Ray Tattersall and his crew at the DPW. I was walking my dog down Colonial to return to my house on William Street during the height of the storm when I heard what sounded like a bolt of lightning. As I approached William Street, a massive limb came down from our yard and dropped across William Street, landing only a couple of feet from me. After the initial shock of this limb coming so close and calming my dog down, I raced to the house to call the police … but got no answer.

I then called 911 and explained what had happened, and how the tree was completely blocking the road. I then went back outside to take photos, only to find selectman Larry Gomez (who had been checking on another tree just around the corner on Woodlawn) already on the phone, calling Ray Tattersall. It was after 6 pm, so I assumed it would take quite a while for anyone to show up, but, in fact, the police showed up, and Ray showed up right behind them. After assessing the damage, Ray was on the phone to get a crew together. They seemed to arrive within minutes! They worked tirelessly to remove the tree from the road. We were amazed and grateful for such quick response. Thank you all for doing such an incredible job.

Paul Doherty
David Behnke
Vineyard Haven