Foundering sloop demolished


The masthead sloop Chautauqua was hauled from Lagoon Pond late on Sunday by RM Packer Co. and crushed in a large trash container, John Packer told The Times. The Chautauqua could be seen heeled over and partially submerged at its mooring on Friday as Tropical Storm Jose continued to buffet the Island.

By Sunday afternoon, the Chautauqua was tied to the dock by the Lagoon Pond boat ramp, dismasted and low in the water. Derelict since June when owner Michael Dunn died aboard from suspected substance abuse, the vessel’s stewardship fell by default to Harbormaster John Crocker.

The Chautauqua was shown to relatives of the late Mr. Dunn in hopes that they would assume responsibility for the sloop, Mr. Crocker said, but those relatives declined. Another party showed interest in the sloop, but after repeated requests, failed to produce a plan for its care and storage, and was refused title, Mr. Crocker said. After being informed by a yacht expert that the sloop’s value was negligible due in part to its poor upkeep, Mr. Crocker said he opted not to waste any further time looking for someone to take ownership, and moved to dispose of it.