Superintendent gets six-year extension

Superintendent Matthew D’Andrea — File Photo by Michael Cummo

The All-Island School Committee (AISC) and Schools Superintendent Matt D’Andrea agreed on a new six-year contract on Tuesday night at the board’s monthly meeting.

Mr. D’Andrea is completing the third year of his initial contract as superintendent. He had served briefly as assistant superintendent before being selected for his current post in 2015. His salary begins at $170,000 per year throughout the contract, and includes a $5,000 increase per year over the term of the contract.

The increases represent annual increases of about 2.9 percent in the first year, declining to 2.5 percent in the final year. Mr. D’Andrea was initially hired in 2015 to replace retiring 10-year Superintendent James Weiss.

The board voted 10-2 on the new pact. Jeffrey (“Skip”) Manter and Robert Lionette were opposed, based on concerns related to process. Mr. Lionette said that the $5,000 annual increases should not be guaranteed, but should be awarded based on the going rate of increases in the state. Mr. Manter said a six-year term was too long, suggesting a three-year deal with an additional three-year option. He also said that increases should not be guaranteed but should be subject to the school district’s evaluation process.

“We are lucky to have him,” committee member Colleen McAndrews said.

“Matt is doing the job we asked him to do,” fellow board member Lisa Reagan said.

The AIl Island School Committee had huddled in executive session for 20 minutes about the offer prior to opening the public debate.

“This where I want to be,” Mr. D’Andrea said. “I love working with these kids and my colleagues and the Island community.”