Sept. 26, Vineyard Open Land Foundation sold a lot off Squibnocket Rd. to Squibnocket Farm Inc., f/k/a Squibnocket Farm Association Inc., for $500,000.

Sept. 26, Lewis A. Sachs and Whitney Sachs sold 26 Pinkletink Rd. to Jackson and Tracey Craig for $2,050,000.



Sept. 25, Stephanie D. Sheehan sold 60 Pinehurst Rd. to Stephen and Jessica Quance for $755,000.

Sept. 26, John J. Cheney, 3rd sold 8 Fisherman’s Knot Rd. to Regina Hurley and Anthony R. Visco, Jr. for $840,750.

Sept. 27, William C. Sprong and Mary Sprong sold 5 Cormorant Circle to Tod and Dorothy Van Name for $776,000.

Sept. 28, The Town of Edgartown sold 49 6th St. North to Casey Ryan O’Connor for $75,000.

Sept. 28, The Town of Edgartown sold 59 6th St. North to Christopher Costello for $75,000.

Sept. 28, The Town of Edgartown sold 39 6th St. North to Ryan Leandro for $75,000.

Sept. 28, Walter V. Arnold, 3rd and Erynn T. Arnold sold Unit 1-E, 493 Katama Rd. to Tokenesett Properties LLC for $815,000.

Sept. 29, Down Harbor LLC sold 22 Kent Harbor Rd. to Scott D. and Lisa L. Crissman for $1,600,000.

Sept. 29, Roger W. Maxfield sold 29 Meeting House Hill Rd. to George Sourati for $487,000.

Sept. 29, Edward Lee Oliver, Jr. sold 50% interest in 2 Beetle Swamp Rd. to Pamela A. Foster, trustee of Gibson-Foster Realty Trust, and 50% interest to Mark and Kimberly Baumhofer for $660,000.

Sept. 29, Benjamin Yelle sold a 73.77% interest in 46 Smith Hollow Drive to Dyroff Family Investments, LLC and a 26.23% interest to Thomas Robert Dyroff, trustee of Dyroff Family Revocable Trust, for $660,000.

Sept. 29, Kevin Sheehan, trustee of 15 Knoll Drive Realty Trust, sold 15 Knoll Drive to Diane M. and Richard M. Stevenson for $1,110,000.


Oak Bluffs

Sept. 25, Jennifer Nash, trustee of the Nash Family Trust, sold 9 Shirley Ave. to Holly Cachimuel for $549,000.

Sept. 25, Bruce C. and Lisa M. Stewart sold 20 High Meadow Lane to Todd Debettencourt and Katherine Donahue for $1,250,000.

Sept. 27, John G. Thompson, Jr. Personal Representative of the estate of John G. Thompson, sold a lot on Hudson Ave. to George Sourati for $250,000.

Sept. 29, Adam Moran and Maya A. Moran sold 6 Anthier’s Lane to David L. and Kathleen M. White for $3,775,000.



Sept. 28, Nathan P. Wilkins sold 61 Hines Point Rd. to Amy Elizabeth Russo for $925,000.

Sept. 29, Paul R. Howes, individually and Paul Howes, Personal Representative of the estate of Margery R. Howes, sold 73 Leonard Circle to Sara and Aela Mass for $479,000.

Sept. 29, Janet R. Frink sold Lot 9 off Tashmoo Ave. to Joao and Sonia Barbosa for $230,000.


West Tisbury

Sept. 28, Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of Bunting Real Estate Trust, sold 133 Indian Hill Rd. to VCJ Property LLC for $950,000.

Sept. 28, Peter W. and Abby S. Webster sold 68 Merry Farm Rd. to Gayle Poggi for $1,025,000.