REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: October 16 – 20, 2017



Oct. 17, Terese Harigan Ziminsky and Maurice H. Hartigan, 3rd, trustee of the Anne M. Hartigan Qualified Personal ResidenceTrust and Trustees of the Maurice H. Hartigan 2nd Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 1 Quampache Lane to Zachary Eckler for $1,700,000.

Oct. 17, Jeffrey P. Parsons, Personal Representative of the Adelle M. Bedrossian, a/k/a Adelle M. Parsons Bedrossian, estate, sold 48 Edgewood Drive to David B. and Ann E. Rossi for $325,000.

Oct. 17, Edgartown Design Group LLC sold 6 Old Squaw Circle to Ernest and Catherine Perrone for $1,067,500.

Oct. 17, Katama South Holdings LLC sold 9 Katama Farm South to Peter J. Farnsworth and Randi L. Stone for $1,525,000.

Oct. 18, Geraldine L. Longo, trustee of the Geraldine L. Longo 2011 Trust, sold 5 Mattakesett Way to Scott Bryant Smith and Monica Rooney-Smith for $2,175,000.

Oct. 18, Sharon M. Willoughby, trustee of the SMOW Trust, sold 148 Katama Rd. and 150 Katama Rd. to Katama Properties LLC for $2,200,000.

Oct. 19, Scout Harbor View Property 1 LLC sold 131 North Water St., Collins Cottage Unit 23, to Elana R. Osborne for $647,500.



Oct. 17, BGF Realty LLC sold 7 State Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank for $1,100,000.

Oct. 20, Kimberly A. Teller sold 15 Renear St. to Gustavo Batista for $520,000.

Oct. 20, David M. and Jan E. Singer sold 78 Mitchell Rd. to Maxwell and Karyn Borella for $905,000.

Oct. 20, Vincent Rusbosin, 2nd sold 24 Locust Lane to Joan B. Foote for $50,000.

Oct. 20, Amandine S. Hall, f/k/a Amandine S. Surier, sold 104 Greenwood Ave. to Timothy B. Scull and Megan Paris Rundlet for $650,000.


West Tisbury

Oct. 16, Melissa Padley, f/k/a Melissa Clemence, sold 43 Stone Bridge Rd. to Henry Firme Leal, 3rd and Kari Scott Leal for $611,000.

Oct. 20, UMB Bank NA, as trustee of the Trust for the Benefit of Jessie Benton. n/k/a Jessie Benton Lyman, created under the Will of Rita P. Benton, sold 49 Oak Lane to Linda A. Lebedew for $877,500.