West Tisbury: The jinx lifted


What a grand storm we are having as I write this week’s column. Trees still loaded with leaves catch the wind as branches thump thump thump to the ground around the yard. We lost our power during the night. Mike and Nanuk have just returned from their walk, reporting a huge tree down across the street from us, and a power line down on Tiah’s Cove Road. Lots of branches down, too. He said there were waves of 1½ to 2 feet on the Great Pond, and washing over the opening at Quansoo. He also reported that 300 West Tisbury residents remain without power.

If you read my column last week, read it again on mvtimes.com. There is a photograph of Nelson Bryant receiving his long-lost bayonet. Ruth Kirchmeier took the photograph; she is famous for documenting everything.

Emily Fischer called to tell me she had my missing notebook. She had been showing me photographs from her sister Lila’s wedding to Nic Turner on Sept. 30 at her family’s Flat Point Farm. I can’t think of a prettier spot. Emily described the day as “a little rainy and overcast, but dramatic with gray skies that made the bouquets of dahlias and the bridesmaids’ dresses all the brighter.” Lila wore a patterned shawl over her gown that reminded me of the wonderful 1960s dresses her grandmother, Despina Duane, left to Christa and the girls. It was actually knitted by Christa especially for Lila’s wedding outfit. Lila is the daughter of Arnie and Christa Fischer. Nic’s parents are Tom and Cindy Turner. Cindy made all the splendid, colorful arrangements of dahlias. Wishing Lila and Nic the happiest life together.

Anyway, Emily and I were talking away, and I bought some of her goat milk soap, so I must have set the notebook down and forgotten it. Here are the other stories written there.

This summer Patti Linn began planning a vacation trip to Las Vegas to meet her sister Bonnie and Bonnie’s family and celebrate her eldest nephew’s 50th birthday. This was to happen the beginning of October. After the mass shooting at an outdoor concert, no one wanted to go to Las Vegas, so plans changed. Everyone rerouted their flight plans to go to New Orleans instead. They did go, even though a hurricane was predicted, but had to leave early. Patti did enjoy seeing her family, even though nothing was going as planned. Fortunately, the jinx lifted, and the rest of her holiday turned out great. She flew to Wickenburg, Ariz., to visit former Island friends who lived in Edgartown, Barbara and Albert Lindley. “In seven days, we did something every day,” said Patti. They saw Red Rock, Sedona, and drove an ATV in the canyons and washes around Wickenburg. They visited an antique car and airplane show, Vulture Peak, and took Robson’s Mining Ghost Trip. They also saw “Battle of the Sexes,” the movie about the Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King tennis match, of special interest because Patti’s son Simon’s roommate, Austin Stowell, played Billie Jean’s husband, Larry King. Patti returned home tired, but she had a great time.

Zachary Danz, a 2017 graduate of MVRHS, is in his first semester at Connecticut College in New London, Conn. His mother, Pamela Danz, “is happy to report he is excelling in academics and sports.” Zak led the men’s tennis team in their final fall invitational tournament, the Coast Guard Tournament, earning top billing. “It’s all on the Connecticut College Athletics website,” said Pamela, a very proud mom. Zak will be home for Thanksgiving. His aunt and uncle, Wendy and Bill Caldwell, are coming from New Jersey, and will pick Zak up on their way to the Vineyard.

Baritone David Behnke and organist David Rhoderick will perform this Sunday afternoon, Nov. 5, at the West Tisbury Church. “Chamber Music for an Autumn Afternoon” will begin at 2 pm. The suggested donation is $15.

Also on Sunday, Nov. 5, at the Federated Church at 4 pm, there will be a special service, the installation of the Rev. David G. Berube as new settled pastor. The service and reception will take place in the church meeting house.

Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden will debut “How to Read Nancy,” their new book, at Comic Arts Brooklyn, held at Pratt Institute in New York City on Nov. 11. Paul will also moderate a panel with Bill Griffith and Peter Kuper; all three are Pratt alumni.

I was so sad to see that Gerry Jeffers died last Monday. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Island. I lived on Chappy that first winter. Julia Welles wrote an elegant tribute to Gerry in last week’s Vineyard Gazette. I urge everyone to read it. He was one of the iconic Island figures I was privileged to know, and he will be missed by all.

Beekeeper Fred Thornbrugh is starting a Bee Group. He asks that anyone interested please contact him at 508-693-8676.

Sofia Anthony announces the November meeting of the Neighborhood Convention will be this Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 11 am at the Federated Church. The subject for discussion is “Houses of Grace.” All are welcome to attend. Bring your own lunch.

At the West Tisbury library this week:

Friday, Nov. 3, an open chamber music rehearsal at 10:30 am. Emily Histen’s glow yoga for tweens and teens begins at 3:30. Sign-up is required.

Saturday, Nov. 4, an artist’s reception for Ruth Epstein, who will be exhibiting her sculpture and mixed-media collages this month.

Sunday, Nov. 5, Doug Brush and Ken Vincent’s Chess Club for kids meets from 1 to 3 pm. There will be a concert by the Vineyard Jazz trio at 3:30 pm.

Monday, Nov. 6, Kanta Lipsky’s Balance Workshop will meet at 11:30 am. At 7 pm, Noah Maxner and Anthony Esposito will give a live music concert.

The library will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 10 am to 3 pm for staff training.

As I was leaving Ruth and Nelson’s house last week, I noticed the trellis beside their door was bedecked with still-green and vigorously blooming nasturtiums. They reached almost to the roof. Later I went to Ghost Island, and picked a bouquet of their orange nasturtiums for my table. We still have our screen door on, and haven’t needed a fire to heat the house yet. I don’t know what to think about this weather.