‘The Light Watcher’ will feature Vineyard scenes

Jen Lyon at South Beach with director Jessica Green, and director of cinematography Sean MacLaughlin. — Lily Cowper

Filmmakers from New York and Connecticut are shooting an independent short film on Martha’s Vineyard this week, which will feature scenes shot at South Beach, East Chop Lighthouse, Oak Bluffs Fire Department, Mocha Mott’s, and the Vineyard Square Hotel in Edgartown. ‘The Light Watcher’ follows a plot in which a young woman suffers a loss, and seeks emotional guidance and companionship in a lighthouse keeper she meets on the beach. The film’s main character is played by Jen Lyon of Alphadu Productions, who also wrote the film, and the film’s director is Jessica Green. According to assistant director Ashley Montesano, the crew has worked with the Chamber of Commerce to make connections with those businesses that will be used as filming locations. They recruited a rescue dog from Martha’s Vineyard Animal Shelter to act in the film, and with the help of the Chamber of Commerce, hope to feature some Islanders as extras as they wrap it up next week. The film will premiere in Manhattan in early 2018.

For more information about the film, visit thelightwatcher.info.