REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: October 30 – November 3, 2017



Oct. 30, Emily Meegan, Donald Hubbard Nitchie, and Spencer Huntington Nitchie sold 165 State Road to Barbara Petersen Law and Edward K. Law for $820,000.

Nov. 2, Joel Jacobson, trustee of Burlingame Nominee Trust, sold 14 Wakeman Rd. and a beach lot to Noel T. Langerman, trustee of 14 Wakeman Road Trust, for $6,075,000.

Nov. 2, Evan Cook and Elizabeth Healy, trustees of Marjorie L. Good Revocable Trust, sold 20 Mayhew Lane to Judy King and Robert Moreno for $650,000.



Oct. 31, Lindsay C. Hope, Personal Representative of the estate of Leslie B. Hope and Charles W. Bowser, sold 15 Sparrow Lane to Scott D. Anderson and Megan Anderson for $575,000.

Nov. 1, Carol Cuerdon a/k/a Carol A. Cuerdon, sold Unit 35, Edgartown Commons Condominum to Sarcel Associates LLC for $154,000.

Nov. 1, Delos W. Lander, Jr. sold 33 Pine St. to Clark Hill LLC for $987,500.

Nov. 2, Jerry Wacks and Elene Sue Wacks sold 15 Calebs Common Lane to Connemara Properties LLC for $780,000.

Nov. 2, Lee W. Jones, trustees of Lee W. Jones Revocable Trust Agreement, sold 10 Kitt’s Field Circle to Peter R. Brown, trustee of 10 Kitts Field Circle Realty Trust, for $1,098,000.

Nov. 2, Readycap Lending LLC, current holder of a mortage from Donna Lynn Alexander to CIT Small Business Lending Corporation, grants 23 Cormorant Circle to Readycap Lending LLC for $20,000 by foreclosure deed.

Nov. 3, John A. McDonough sold 36 Narragansett Ave. to Robert W. and Marvene R. O’Rourke for $20,000.


Oak Bluffs

Nov. 2, Flora A. Allen sold 149 Front St. to Timothy Taney and Jill A. Taney for $427,000.



Oct. 31, Dan DeJesus and Sara E. Lamarre sold 150 Lake Street to Michael P. O’Rourke and Alisson O’Rourke for $511,000.

Oct. 31, Joseph L. Goodman, trustee of the First Amendment to & Complete Restatement of the Joseph L. Goodman Revocable Trust, and Mildred W. Goodman, trustee of the First Amendment to and Complete Restatement of the Mildred W. Goodman Revocable trust, sold 661 Edgartown Road to Nikolaj and Jennifer Wojtkielo for $390,000.

Nov. 1, Raymond J. Debettencourt, a/k/a Raymond J. Debettencourt, Jr., sold 317 State Rd. and Debettencourt Way to Larkin B. and Grace A. Reeves, trustees of the Larking B. Reeves Family Trust, for $1,500,000.

Nov. 2, Michael B. McCaskey, trustee of the Michael B. McCaskey Nominee Trust, and Nancy Richardson McCaskey, trustee of the Nancy Richardson McCaskey Nominee Trust, sold 165 Quinsigamond Ave. to Andrew B. and Georgina L. MacDonald for $2,000,000.

Nov. 3, Richard M. Fasanelli sold 67 Amelia’s Crossing to Selene H. Costello for $865,000.

Nov. 3, Allen B. Flanders and Jeffrey C. Bezanson, trustees of the Florence L. Flanders 1996 Discretionary Trust, and Christopher A. and Noreen M. Flanders, trustees of the H. Brian Flanders 1992 Trust, sold a lot on Skiff Ave. to Paulo Cesar Almeida Muniz and Adriana de Oliveira Khouri for $210,000.


West Tisbury

Oct. 30, Kristine A. McDonald, trustee of the Checamo Path Realty Trust, sold a lot on Bailey Park Road to Adam and Lianne Debettencourt for $412,000.

Oct. 31, Charles J. and Denise G. Conley, trustees of the Old Coach Realty Trust, sold 27 Oak Knoll Road to Crystal and Jonathan Thomas for $381,500.