Barking up a storm

Edgartown selectmen settle a dog complaint.


An Edgartown resident filed a complaint for continuous dog barking near her home on 10th Street. At Monday’s board of selectmen meeting, selectmen heard from animal control officer Barbara Prada, dog owners Jennifer Winsper and John Cataloni, and Edgartown resident Susan Pacheco.

Nine dogs live at the residence of Ms. Winsper and Mr. Cataloni near Pilgrim Street on Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road. According to Ms. Prada, seven are Bernese mountain dogs, and two are corgis. Ms. Pacheco said the noise from the barking has been driving her nuts.

“They’re usually OK until they start playing,” Mr. Cataloni said. “We try to get them inside as quickly as possible. They bark for no more than three minutes.”

Ms. Pacheco said it has been an issue for her for many years. She has a hard time with it in the summer, when she’d like to keep her windows and doors open. “It’s a quality of life thing. I like dogs, I just don’t want to hear them all of the time. I ran out of options. My last recourse was to file a complaint,” Ms. Pacheco said.

According to the report, other residents have filed complaints too. Ms. Winsper and Mr. Cataloni commented that they aren’t the only house in the neighborhood with dogs.

“There’s no easy solution,” Ms. Prada said. “Dogs will bark.”

She recommended Mr. Cataloni, Ms. Winsper, and Ms. Pacheco agree on one hour during the day where all nine dogs can play together; otherwise, they should be let out one at a time.

“Work with them and figure out a schedule,” selectmen Margaret Serpa said to Ms. Prada. “We’ll meet again in a month to see how it’s going.”

Selectmen also congratulated Ms. Prada on receiving the Golden Bone Award from the Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts for being a “doggone good ACO.”

Selectmen heard from Steve Ewing from the memorial wharf restoration committee on completion of the pavilion reconstruction project. Mr. Ewing read from a letter thanking the citizens and taxpayers of the town, selectmen, the reconstruction committee, procurement officer Juliet Mulinare, and many other listed individuals from the town.

Now that phase one is done, Mr. Ewing asked selectmen for permission for the same committee to pursue phases two and three, which will further support the reconstructed pavilion.

“We’ve had the best committee to do this project,” Ms. Serpa said. “I’m glad you want to stay on. You’ve done a great job, and we want you to finish it up.”

Procurement officer Ms. Mulinare updated selectmen on a generator replacement project at the Edgartown School. She said they are still receiving grants. The generator will support the emergency shelter at the school.

Ms. Mulinare also said she’s received 11 proposals for the Yellow House during the first week the RFP was available. “There is interest for sure,” she said.