Made on MVY: Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt


“From the sea, by the sun” is exactly how Atlantic Ocean water becomes the opulent, delicious crystals now known as Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt. Inspired by a snack of salt and vinegar potato chips, Heidi Feldman realized that the abundant natural resource was being overlooked by the local food movement, and worked with husband Curtis Friedman to create Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt. As owners of Down Island Farmer, the couple embraced the sustainable, shelf-stable, mass-appeal, farm-based product, and launched M.V. Sea Salt at the 2013 Living Local Harvest Festival. A labor of local love, Heidi and Curtis harvest sea salt from the Atlantic, which is then sun-dried and packaged with labels from About Signs & Design MV. Try a pinch or two on your favorite meals to savor the flavor of Martha’s Vineyard wherever you go. Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is also the perfect wedding favor or foodie-friendly gift.

Island favorite packages, plus special holiday gifts, are available for sale at the West Tisbury Farmers Market, Thanksgiving Vineyard Artisans Festival, Featherstone, Alley’s, Black Sheep, both Cronig’s Markets, LeRoux at Home, LeRoux Gourmet, Morning Glory Farm, Neptune’s Sea Chest, Rainy Day, Rosewater, Sanctuary, Slice of Life, Soigné, the Kitchen Porch Larder, the Larder, Tony’s Market, Scottish Bakehouse, and the Allen Farm. M.V. Sea Salt ships from