Menemsha expenditures and Squibnocket dominate Chilmark warrant


Chilmark voters will gather in the Community Center Monday for a 12-article special town meeting that could grant the town ownership of Squibnocket Beach. Chilmark currently leases the beach from Squibnocket Farm, Inc. In the same article, voters will be given the option of granting a permanent-access easement to Squibnocket Farm, Vineyard Open Land Foundation, and other parties that have property on Squibnocket Point. No fee or transfer cost is indicated to gain ownership of the beach.

Also pursuant to Squibnocket, voters must decide if they will augment the restoration project slated for Squibnocket Beach this winter by $100,000.

Voters will also decide whether to spend $350,000 for electrical repairs and upgrades along the docks in Menemsha. The town dealt with waterborne voltage last season that gave shocks and tingles to several people and closed Crab Corner. Among other things, the work is meant to be a hedge against repeat problems. Another expenditure for voters to weigh in on will be $126,000 to replace pilings in Menemsha.

Voters will also decide if they will authorize “$130,000.00 to fund the increases to FY2018 salaries and fringe benefits in departmental budgets.”