Chief wants to know who is interested in training


Aquinnah Police Chief Rhandi Belain is trying to gauge interest Island-wide for a training class to become a part-time or intermittent police officer.

Chief Belain says he already knows of five people who might be interested in the training course through the Massachusetts Police Committee Basic Reserve Intermittent Police Officer Class, but needs at least 10 to bring it to the Vineyard. A person going through the training has to be sponsored by one of the six Island chiefs, and once the training is complete, would have the opportunity to work for those departments.

Work as a part-time or intermittent officer can sometimes lead to a career as a police officer, Chief Belain said, though that requires going to the police academy.

To show interest, contact Chief Belain at or by phone at 508-645-2313. For more information of the course, see