SSA to the rescue


To the Editor:

On a recent ferry trip, I walked off, leaving my backpack filled with my PC, notebooks, and other work-related materials. When I realized I had left it, the ferry was on its return trip to MV. I called and left a voicemail for John Elichalt, manager of the Steamship Authority’s lost and found. I was beside myself that evening, wondering if it would be recovered fully intact.

Just after 8 am the next morning John called, and told me that there was no backpack fitting my description in the lost and found. However, he said he’d go down to the boat later and see if it had turned up. About two hours later, he called and told me that he found it and all my personal items intact. I was impressed that he’d go out of his way to find it and even more so that he offered to ship it to my home in Boston. All in all, a wonderful experience.

Jeffrey Cassis
West Tisbury and Boston