Chappaquiddick cell tower on hold at MVC


The Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) was unable to gather a quorum that could make a final decision on the much-debated AT&T permanent cell tower on Chappaquiddick at its Thursday night meeting.

Between absences, and commissioners who were not eligible to vote because they had not attended enough of the previous hearings, the commission came up one short of the required nine qualified voters.

The MVC will convene on Thursday, Dec. 21, for the vote, if a quorum can be locked in.

“Seven years and one more week,” Chairman Jim Vercruysse said.

In other business, the commissioners made quick work of approving the new gas station/car wash/convenience store at the airport. The commission voted unanimously, 10-0, to approve the project without a post-public-hearing Land Use Planning Committee review. The project has numerous permitting hurdles left to clear.

“This is a highly, highly regulated operation; we don’t have to regulate it any more than it is,” commissioner Doug Sederholm of West Tisbury said.