‘The Last Jedi’ a force to be reckoned with

Star Wars premiere fills theaters with excited fans.


The long-awaited eighth installment of the “Star Wars” epic is finally here. Anticipation and excitement filled the Edgartown Cinema lobby for the double feature premiere Thursday night, but surprisingly, there was only one dedicated fan who dressed up.

That was Mike Baird. He was dressed head-to-toe in black, with leather gloves and a blue lightsaber to complete the ensemble. “I was a little disappointed with [“The Force Awakens”], but they always get you,” he said. “Obviously, I’m dressed up again.”

Mr. Baird said he’s hoping this one “goes a little darker” than the last movie, a hope that was shared among other moviegoers like Eric Soikkeli, a longtime “Star Wars” fan, who said, “The newer movies are darker and more adult-oriented.”

In line at the concession stand, Mike Chandler said ”The Last Jedi” should be “a worthy entry into the overall canon of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. I think it will echo the sentiment of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ more, versus the last one.”

Across town at the Capawock Theatre in Vineyard Haven, the sole showing of the premiere was a sellout. There you could find another lone group dressed up among the rest: Henry Hitchings, Ian Trance, and Colin Henke, who dressed up as jedi.

Mr. Henke proudly said, “We’re the only real fans.”

Reporter Lily Cowper contributed to this report.