Tisbury: Gifts and guests


Heard on Main Street: Don’t grow up — it’s a trap.

Gifts and guests are still arriving, adding to the excitement of the holiday season. Neighbors’ lights, candles in windows, merry wreaths on doors brighten the landscape — all reflecting on snow, at least as I write this. I would rather prefer nothing slippery or icy. I’m sorry for the kids who always somehow believe that Santa needs snow for his sleigh. Someone needs to remind them that magic really doesn’t need snow.

Do you ever wonder about all those wonderful people who mail their cards and presents early? I am always delighted to receive a note from someone I haven’t heard from in years. They bring back so many good memories and share their current lives with us. Some don’t say anything, but do send good wishes. I can never have enough of those. I love to hear stories of families coming together, and this year we look forward to that.

While sending cards this holiday season, I’m asking you to remember Jake Burton-Sundman. He is now in Spaulding Rehab Hospital, 300 1st Ave, Charlestown, MA 02129. I remind you that a hospital bed is a lonely place, and your good wishes would mean a lot.

We will actually have both our children together for a change. We don’t often achieve that. Our daughter Laurel and her husband Kevin are coming from Colorado, and our son Craig and his wife Laura from Westborough will all be together briefly. We plan to treasure those moments. I hope many of you will have wonderful times with family and loved ones this season.

A few of our churches have shared their holiday schedules. On Sunday, Dec. 24, the Christmas Eve Candlelight Services with traditional lessons, carols, and candles are at 5 pm at the Community Baptist Church of Gay Head in Aquinnah and at 7 pm at the First Baptist Church at the corner of Spring and William Streets.

On Sunday, Dec. 24, the Federated Church in Edgartown will hold a 10:30 morning service for the fourth Sunday of Advent, and at 10 pm a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Both include music with readings from the Bible. The evening service will conclude with the lighting of candles and singing of “Silent Night.”

The West Tisbury Congregational Church features the Christmas pageant, featuring children from all over the Island, on Christmas Eve at 5 pm in the Agricultural Hall.

A Kwanzaa Celebration will be held from 5 to 7 pm on Tuesday evening, Dec 26, at the First Baptist Church, at the corner of Spring and William Streets.

Take a moment to be sure you thank the hard workers at our Post Office for their smiles. They smile with understanding when I bemoan the fact that I am so late in mailing a parcel. They smile at my impatience when they look for the parcel that hasn’t arrived yet. They smile even when I come back two or three times for that package which they somehow find among all the others that have come in during such a busy time. And they smile and say thank you when commended for being so patient with all of us.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Vera Shorter tomorrow. Happy birthday to Liam Bruni, who parties the day after Christmas.

Heard on Main Street: You could be naughty. Save Santa the trip.