Squibby access structure opponents land state hearing

The Squibnocket bridge project continues to move along even as the legal challenges continue. - Stacey Rupolo

Opponents of the bridge well under construction at Squibnocket Beach have been granted a hearing by the state Building Code Appeals Board, according to Daniel Larkosh, an attorney for the bridge critics. The state agency reviews building regulations and standards.

The opponents have long argued that the bridge should have required a building permit, but the building inspector, backed by the zoning board in Chilmark, has disagreed.

A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 4 in Milford.

Mr. Larkosh lodged a complaint with the board this past autumn, arguing that the structure meant to provide elevated vehicular access for residents of the Squibnocket Farm development requires a building permit and does not have one.

Peter Alpert, lawyer for Squibnocket Farms, said his team will likely attend the hearing.

“We are at the frivolous end of a feckless campaign,” he said.