A New Year’s yoga challenge

Give the New Year a run for its money at Yoga on the Vine. Courtesy Lora Ksieniewicz.

There’s nothing like a good challenge to kick off the new year, and Lora Ksieniewicz, owner of Yoga on the Vine, has one in store for Martha’s Vineyard.

Attend 20 yoga classes in the month of January, and get a free 20-class card. Attend 30 classes in the month of January, and get a free 30-class card, plus your choice of any yoga mat in the Edgartown studio. The value, according to Ms. Ksieniewicz, is over $600.

“I’m someone who struggles with discipline,” Ms. Ksieniewicz told The Times. “But this challenge takes out the question of, ‘Am I going to make it to yoga today?’ And turns it into ‘What class am I going to, and how am I going to make it happen?’”

The challenge is a win-win. You have to pay for your classes, but it’s free to sign up, and the worst thing that can happen is you do more yoga than you normally would for the month.

“Not only will it reinforce people coming to classes, but also seeing familiar faces. It’s an opportunity for the community to rally one another,” Ms. Ksieniewicz said.

It’ll also encourage people to try new classes, styles, and teachers. “Maybe you’ll find something that surprises you,” she said.


Drop-in classes are $18, and 10-class cards are $140, which comes out to to $14 per class. Mats and water are free. For more information, visit yogaonthevine.com.