REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: December 18 – 22, 2017



Dec. 21, Faris M. Saah, F. Zeynep Aricanli, and Fatma Aricanli sold 54 Post Oak Rd. to Marc A. Recht and Erica B. Abate Recht for $1,250,000.

Dec. 21, Theodora Budnik sold a Black Point beach lot to Marc Recht and Erica B. Abate Recht for $312,500.



Dec. 18, Nancy E. Perry sold 15 Robin’s Nest to Charles K. and Lucinda R. Wittenberg for $636,500.

Dec. 18, Jennifer M. Rumbough sold 49 Nineteenth St. North to Michael D. and Jane E. Plager for $805,000.

Dec. 18, MRK Mullen Realty LLC sold Lot 10, 2 Jordan Way to Richard H. Sterling and Susan Sterling for $2,570,000.

Dec. 19, Jonathan M. Buchman, trustee of 96 Edgartown Bay Road Realty Trust, sold 96 Edgartown Bay Rd. to David Kantaros and Audrey Mark for $2,200,000.

Dec. 19, Davis House LLC sold 49 Davis Lane to Gregg S. Jubin and Christina A. Aragona for $2,320,000.

Dec. 20, Gucharan Prit Singh Gill and Karen Hamilton Gill, f.k.a. Karen Hamilton, sold 37 Edgartown Meadows Rd. to Irene M. McNally and Brian McNally, trustees of HIJ Realty Trust, for $900,000.

Dec. 20, Stephen M. Tirrell and Molly Pickett sold 24 Sampson Ave. to Janet Ann Constantino, trustee of Janet Ann Constantino Revocable Trust, for $470,000.

Dec. 21, Salvatore Giordano, trustee of Ox Pond Knoll Nominee Trust, sold 106 Pease’s Point Way North to Gray Lane LLC for $3,600,000.

Dec. 21, Derrick J. Chin and Erika Putnam Chin sold 25 Bennett Way to Ronald D. Moore for $562,500.

Dec. 21, Kruppers LLC sold Lot 1 Puwal Lane to Michael P. Gross and Kimberley J. Kaplan-Gross for $849,000.

Dec. 22, Russell C. Etheridge, 3rd and Amy Sue Perrish sold 6 Berry Ave. to Eunice Youmans for $460,000.


Oak Bluffs

Dec. 19, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold Lot 3, Paddock Rd. to Maya Moran for $500,000.

Dec. 20, Alfred S. Lilliendahl and Retta G. Lilliendahl, trustees of the Alfred S. Lilliendahl Trust Agreement, and Thomas J. Lilliendahl, William P. Lilliendahl, and Margaret Norman sold 12 John Wesley Ave. to Rox Etheridge for $597,000.

Dec. 20, Lisa Brown-Huff and William M. Craffey sold 7 Morgan Luce Lane to Carlos A. and Suely D. Sampaio for $635,000.

Dec. 21, Matthew A. and Charlotte E. Bolduc sold 10 Lagoon Rd. to Diane R. Sylvia for $500,000.

Dec. 22, Rosalee McCullough sold a 37.5 percent interest in 2 Naumkeag Ave. to Margot B. Goodwin, f.k.a. Margot Barnes and Margot Barnes Street, for $300,000.



Dec. 20, Janet Ann Constantino, trustee of the J. Constantino Realty Trust, sold 74 David Ave. to Mercedes Ferreira and Eric Johnson for $550,000.

Dec. 21, Richard B. Gale, Lynn Silva, f.k.a. Lynn Gale, and Leigh Reynolds, f.k.a. Leigh Gale, sold 18 Locust Lane to Marisa J. Peek and Jeffrey Peek for $485,000.

Dec. 21, Kenneth Levy-Church and Jeanne Levy-Church sold 29 Mill House Way to Lise N. Revers, trustee of Lise N. Revers 2017 Trust, for $3,800,000.

Dec. 21, Hattie P. Lewis sold 171 Franklin Terrace to Keith and Traci Thompson for $437,500.

Dec. 22, Maria Laura Weisman, personal representative of the estate of James Stix Weisman, sold 58 Look St. to Maria Laura Weisman for $251,000.

Dec. 22, John D. and Linda E. Holmander sold 77 Canterbury Lane to Zachary T. and Pema Y. Greer for $610,000.


West Tisbury

Dec. 22, Eleanor D. Neubert, Jean F. O’Reilly, and Arnold M. Fischer Jr. sold 250 Road to Great Neck to Arnold M. Fischer Jr., Eleanor D. Neubert, Jean F. O’Reilly and Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustees of the Priscilla P. Fischer 1994 Trust, for $875,000.