Dogs can be lethal weapons


To the Editor:

I ​happen to ​know from personal experience ​that an undisciplined dog with an aggressive attitude (no matter what the breed) is basically a walking lethal weapon.

In some circumstances, the​ir actions are commendable — for instance, in ​trying to ​defend their owners — but this recent attack ​on an innocent man walking his dog seems reprehensible. I wonder how the owners of these dogs would feel if it had been a child walking th​e​ dog ​who​ had been ​almost fatally ​attacked?

Personally, I’d rather face another human being with a gun or knife than a dog exhibiting combative behavior. At the very least, you might be able to change an attacker’s mind (and therefore the outcome). But once an animal decides to attack, there is very little you can do to defend yourself. You cannot run, nor can you hide, and I can attest to it being a terrifying experience​ that no one should have to go through needlessly.

​Although this is not a solution, ​​it would seem that​ if the owners of these dogs can afford to pay for two separate attorneys to defend their dog’s actions, it ​would also seem appropriate​ they pay the bills associated with the damage their dogs inflicted on both the owner and the poor dog that was attacked.

June Parker
Vineyard Haven