On the Bedside Table: Cindy Kane

The books we take to bed.

The books on bedside table on the boat. – Cindy Kane
The sailboat in The Bahamas where Cindy Kane wrote in with her bedside table reading.

In late December, Tisbury resident Cindy Kane visited her husband Doron Katzman, who had recently sailed down to the Bahamas. For Vineyarders planning a getaway after this particularly rough patch of weather, we thought we’d bring you Cindy’s boatside bedside table for inspiration.

There couldn’t have been a better place to read Joshua Horwitz’s “War of the Whales” than the Abacos while sailing through the exact region where his story begins. What a riveting and devastating tale — which felt more relevant than ever as we sailed near the whales’ habitat.

The books that are not seen in this photo are on my iPad. Long sailing journeys without internet are the best place for uninterrupted reading. I am halfway through Ron Chernow’s new biography “Grant,” beautifully showcased on the iPad. It is a hefty book to hold, with more than 2,000 pages! I grew up in Virginia and those landscapes from my childhood take on new meaning with vivid descriptions of savage battles that shaped the country.

The David Grossman novel (“A Horse Walks into a Bar”) is too dark for my temperament now, in contrast to Ariel Levy’s memoir, “The Rules Do Not Apply,” which I read on my iPad while on the boat. It was also terribly sad, but somehow inspiring. By the way, Doron selected all the books on the boat.


Cindy Kane’s paintings can be seen at the Granary Gallery in West Tisbury and at Cindykane.com


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