Ferries are running again on a boat-by-boat basis

Ferries are being cancelled because of dense fog and wind. - File photo

Updated Saturday, 8 am

After dense fog and wind caused the Steamship Authority to cancel its afternoon and evening ferries Friday, stranding commuters, the boats began operating again Saturday morning.

By 8 am, though, the Steamship Authority had cancelled the 8:15 VH to WH boat, and 9:30 WH- VH boat due to weather conditions, and advised travelers to check on their trips before leaving home.

The 7 am ferry was filled with commuters telling tales of booking last minute rooms and dining out, a mini boom for Island businesses during the offseason. Many commuters said the cancellations caught them off guard because wind was forecast, but not expected to reach peak intensity until Friday night.

In an email to The Times, SSA general manager Robert Davis said it was the combination of dense fog and wind that shut down the crossings.

Meanwhile, over on Nantucket, ferries are only operating during day light, according to the SSA website, though some ferries are cancelled today because of wind, as well.

“Due to the icy conditions in the Hyannis harbor, the Steamship Authority will be limited to operating during daylight hours through at least Monday, January 15, 2018. As a result, The 5:30 p.m. Nantucket to Hyannis and 8:00 p.m. Hyannis to Nantucket trips are cancelled from Friday, January 12, 2018 through Monday January 15, 2018. All other ferry service for Nantucket will operate on a trip by trip basis.

For more information, please call 508.548.3788 or 508.693.0367

Current Conditions may be viewed at steamshipauthority.com/traveling_today/status